Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everyone makes mistakes

I am not a food connoisseur. Don't get me wrong; I like food too much for my own good. My mother is an excellent cook. She can make anything well, and my fondest memories of my childhood are sitting across from her at the kitchen counter watching her make incredible pies and pastas out of what seemed like nothing. I taste-tested everything--two or three times.

When I got older, I thought I'd try my hand at it. But no matter what I did I could not make anything like hers. I made rice crispy treats that were so stiff my brothers could stand on them. I put so much "Montreal Chicken Seasoning" on the swordfish (don't even ask me why I thought that was a good idea) that best friend choked on it. My cookies spread, my ravioli ripped open, and even my sandwiches were soggy.

This blog catologs the chronicles of how I finally figured out how to make edible things, and my current journey making some quite tasty things (and plenty of problems that I still encounter)!

The rule I try to follow is that when food gets wrecked there is a reason for it; find out what that reason was so you don't do it again. If you don't know how it got like that, then you can't make it better next time. I'll post my mistakes (so you can learn from them without wasting all those ingredients), my advice, and successes, however small!

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